Composite Tools

Molds - RTM

RTM/VARTM/Compression Molds

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing complex injection mold systems, Westminster Tool’s engineers understand the importance of controlling thermal inputs to the repeatability and optimization of production processes. These same principles of thermal control apply to composite molding processes. Westminster Tool has been successful in applying these principles to a variety of different composite mold types to increase process repeatability, reduce cycle time, and significantly decrease manufacturing equipment footprint.

Westminster Tool has collaborated with our customers’ to produce innovative mold systems for the following composite manufacturing methods:

  • Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
  • Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM)
  • Compression Molding

Precision Machining for Composite Tools

Westminster Tool has successfully applied our dynamic approach to precision machining of complex details for injection and composite molds to our customers’ other tooling needs. Increasingly, this has included tooling used in preforming fabrics and fibers for composite part manufacture. Whether our customers require traditional in-oven, vacuum preform tooling or a customized out-of-oven solution, Westminster Tool has the design and manufacturing experience to provide preform tooling that meets our customers’ most demanding requirements.


Our Preform Tooling Expertise Includes:

  • Complex, build to print tool manufacture
  • Large preform tool systems with numerous details
  • Integrating preform tool systems with automation
  • Tool manufacture using a variety of materials, including anodized aluminum
  • Tool design consulting services
Westminster Tool - Precision Tooling

Customized Tooling

Westminster Tool and our customers often require customized tooling for a variety of applications. Westminster Tool consistently produces high quality specialized tooling and fixtures to support the manufacture of high performance thermoplastic, metallic, and composite components. While the manufacture of these tools are not a large portion our business, this competency positions Westminster Tool as a truly dynamic, full service supplier of both tooling and components, allowing us to rapidly meet a variety of our customers’ needs.

Examples of Alternative Tooling Include:

  • Inspection Fixtures, CMM and Otherwise
  • CNC 3 Axis and 5 Axis Machining Fixtures
  • Trim Fixtures
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Work Cell Optimization Tooling
  • Medical

    Medical Devices, Optical, Medical Consumables and Drug & Fluid Transfer Devices.

  • Aerospace & Defense

    Engines, and Aircraft Structure.

  • Consumer Packaging

    Pharmaceutical Packaging, Personal Care, Food & Beverage, and Household Chemicals.

  • Automotive

    Instrumentation, and Complex, Small Sized Interior Components.

  • Industrial

    Bearing Cages, Bushings, Pump Components, High Temperature Electrical Assemblies, Down Well, Harsh Environment Components, and Instrumentation.

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