Your Challenge Is Unique,
So Is Our Solution
Through our years of experience, we’ve demonstrated our ability to overcome challenges before they grow into problems. We take a proactive approach to the manufacturing process to deliver solutions that exceed expectations. LEARN MORE
Our People
Make the Difference
LEARN MORE Our unique, employee-centric business model has created a workforce of innovative, proactive problem solvers who are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers.
Creating Partnerships
That Last
Westminster Tool gets involved upfront from the start to ensure every project gets done in the right way, the first time. We take a proactive approach to manufacturing and provide our customers with a partnership that is built to last. LEARN MORE
Injection Mold Systems

Whether our customer requires a complete mold design, design for manufacturing, material selection, or reverse engineering services, our experienced mold design and manufacturing team is able to support your unique challenges.

High Performance Component Production

Westminster Tool is a leader in the production of injection molded high performance thermoplastic and metallic components for a variety of technically demanding applications.

Composite Tools

Westminster Tool has successfully applied our dynamic approach to precision machining of complex components for injection and composite molds to our customers’ other tooling needs.

Welcome to the Westminster House

As a valued customer, you will quickly see how our internal culture separates us from the competition. Our culture has fostered a team that is trained to maintain curiosity and take personal ownership of your project to deliver unique and satisfying solutions.

Continuous Learning
Comparable to an apprenticeship approach, our academy is fostered by a key core value – the ability to be dynamic and accept change when needed.
Continuous Improvement
Our functional teams gather every morning for a 30 minute discussion to collaboratively share and use the time to troubleshoot any new challenges.
Most successful businesses emphasize the importance of key performance indicators, but we drive more victories because we do as we say: On Time, First Time, On Budget and Satisfied Customer Service.
Emotional Intelligence
The foundation of the Westminster House, it’s an expectation of the Westminster Tool team to avoid judgment in order to seek understanding. This is instrumental in the success of our house. Without curiosity, one cannot improve, learn or be held accountable.

Solving Labor Shortage Issues By Investing in People


Westminster Tool employees are the backbone of our success and we continuously strive to discover techniques to solve the labor shortage gap that is affecting the entire manufacturing industry. Check out the featured video by Modern Machine Shop to see how we utilize Emotional Intelligence in order to foster curiosity on a daily basis, help train our team members and create a memorable experience for our customers.

  • Medical

    Medical Devices, Optical, Medical Consumables and Drug & Fluid Transfer Devices.

  • Aerospace & Defense

    Engines, and Aircraft Structure.

  • Consumer Packaging

    Pharmaceutical Packaging, Personal Care, Food & Beverage, and Household Chemicals.

  • Automotive

    Instrumentation, and Complex, Small Sized Interior Components.

  • Industrial

    Bearing Cages, Bushings, Pump Components, High Temperature Electrical Assemblies, Down Well, Harsh Environment Components, and Instrumentation.

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